School of Christian Studies

Message from the Director

In the School of Christian Studies we are passionate about training and equipping people for their life of faith. We desire to prepare people to shape their world with the transforming message of Christ - both in pastoral ministry inside the church, as well as in all sorts of ways outside of the church. In line with our Pentecostal heritage and ethos, we desire to facilitate a study environment that fosters a thoughtful Pentecostal faith for the 21st century; a faith that is enlivened and empowered by the Spirit, theological and biblically faithful to the scriptures, and in tune with the needs and challenges of contemporary life. We deliver a number of different awards which engage students in the study most appropriate to their aims and purpose. These awards range from Local Church internships at certificate level and chaplaincy focused qualifications, through to higher level diplomas as well as Bachelor level qualifications.

Awards offered within the School of Christian Studies

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