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To give a broad introduction to the New Testament literature within its social and historical context.



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  • Course code: BIBM02
  • Credit points: 15

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Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

To give a broad introduction to the New Testament literature within its social and historical context.




Students should be able to:


  1. Identify the specific context and social circumstances which shaped the New Testament documents.
  2. Interpret selected sections of the New Testament corpus
  3. Use appropriate secondary literature to source information concerning particular issues
  4. Identify and describe a range of themes and issues addressed by the New Testament
  5. Apply the New Testament for Christian life and thought

Subject Content

  • Introduce the New Testament literature within its socio-historical context.
  • Pay attention to issues that affect our understanding and interpreting of the message of these scriptures.
  • Pay attention as to how we may appropriate and utilise the New Testament in ethical and pastoral situations, similar to those faced by the first Christians.

Prescribed Text

David deSilva.  An Introduction to the New Testament. Illinois: IVP, 2004.



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Journal for the Study of the New Testament

Currents in Biblical Research


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