Details for Luke-Acts: A Pentecostal Perspective

This paper provides an investigation of the Lukan material, his continuation of salvation history, and critiques the contemporary Pentecostal use of the same. 

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  • Unit code: BIB351
  • Credit points: 15
  • Total workload hours per week: 15
  • Number of timetabled hours per week: 4 *

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BIB102 – Introduction to the New Testament

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Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

This paper provides an investigation of the Lukan material, his continuation of salvation history, and critiques the contemporary Pentecostal use of the same.


Students should be able to:

  1. Analyse the schematic character of Luke’s presentation of apostolic history
  2. Examine the theological motivations in Luke’s record and critically evaluate the historical character and value, with reference to the text of Acts and contemporary Pentecostal interpretation
  3. Explainthe major critical issues confronted in the modern study of Acts
  4. Demonstrate critical engagement with both the primary biblical materials and secondary literature from a range of perspectives
  5. Assess and apply the implicationsof the Lukan records of the apostolic church for contemporary ministry 

Subject Content

  1. The Lukan literary genre and the framework of Luke’s theological message
  2. Exegetical study and application of selected passages
  3. Content, themes and important historical and critical issues of the Book of Acts
  4. Critique of contemporary Pentecostal’s use of Luke with alternate theological perspectives
  5. Application to contemporary ministry 

This course may be offered in the following formats

Lectures, group discussion, online engagement

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis College.

Assessment Methods

 Book Review (25%, 1250 words); Contemporary Presentation (30 mins, 1750 words); Exegetical Essay (50%, 3000 words).

Prescribed Text

Karl A. Kuhn, The Kingdom of God According to Luke and Acts: A Social, Literary and Theological Introduction.

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           Pneuma .

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