Alphacrucis: Faith & Practice

Facilitating the Spiritual Formation of Students

At Alphacrucis we are passionate about seeing a genuine Pentecostal spiritual formation be fostered among our student community. We recognise the importance of integrating theological and biblical studies with the practices and spirituality that connect us in relationship with God, and also relationships with each other.

As such, our Christian Studies programmes include papers that discuss spirituality, ministry, discipleship and other related areas, in a way that reflects on and engages with the theological and biblical study being done throughout the various subjects studied by the student. This enables us explore together what it might mean to be a community which engages in a thoughtful Pentecostal spirituality - one that is in continuity with our heritage as well as connected to contemporary culture.

Additionally, as a College passionate about the local church, many of the Christian Studies programs also contain ministry placement and internship components which encourage our students to apply the things they have been learning directly into ministry life in a hands-on fashion.

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