School of Vocational Studies (includes ESOL)

Message from the Director

Welcome to Alphacrucis – the Department of Vocational Studies

The Department of Vocational Studies hosts Language Studies. In the Department of Language Studies, you can study English as additional language programmes from the Elementary to Advanced level. You will get the chance to meet with students from all over the world and learn English from our highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our teachers, who have many years of corporate experience, are able to facilitate your real-life learning at Alphacrucis.

The Department of Vocational Studies welcomes you to join us as we embark on the journey of learning. You, as a student, studying English will receive the best support from both our experienced teachers and friendly staff on campus. The environment we foster here will let you experience your academic life in a challenging, fun, and caring way. Your needs are our priority and your progression in academic achievement is our goal.

In the Department of Vocational Studies, we respect all cultures and approaches to learning, and take individual needs into account when assisting you in achieving your goal.

Head of Vocational Studies

Awards offered within the School of Vocational Studies (includes ESOL)

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