Alphacrucis College

ESOL Certificates

ESOL Certificates 

Levels 1-5

The lecturers of the Department of English Studies are a team of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified lecturers of English. The English Studies team continuously work towards improvement of course content and delivery to ensure quality and standards are maintained for all the respective courses. 






The Department of English Studies is a vibrant part of Alphacrucis International College. Learners of English from diverse nationalities and different backgrounds stream into the institution with the desire to speak and write better English as well as to read listen to more English. 


There is a purposeful building of English language skills that motivates learners to aim and move higher steadily and consistently. To find out more, click here! 



Complete Fee Schedules information (where appropriate) for all Alphacrucis courses can be found in our PDF Documents section, under the Fees Information link.