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Diploma in Christian Ministry Development - Level 6

This Level 6 Diploma course builds on the theological, biblical and ministry-oriented elements of earlier levels of study.  Students at this level begin to build knowledge that assists them in becoming strong and effective thinkers, but with applicability into life and ministry that ensures well rounded outcomes.  It is also useful for students wanting to continue into Degree level programmes in the future.

Students will choose from a range of more advanced ministry, theological and biblical studies papers at Level 6.

How is it Delivered?

The Level 6 Diploma is structured around:

1.     Campus based OR Distance learning (course resources and reading available via our online learning platform called Moodle.

2.     Written assessment (essays, reflections, tests, practical activities etc)

One week intensives are also available for some subjects and these are held in Auckland

Entry Requirements




Complete Fee Schedules information (where appropriate) for all Alphacrucis courses can be found in our PDF Documents section, under the Fees Information link.

Papers offered as part of this Award:

BIB254 - The Johannines

Description: Highlighting the way in which the symbolism and theology of the Fourth Gospel and the Johannine Letters draw on the First Testament intertextually, a bridge is built between First Testament and New Testament, bringing greater focus to the student’s reading of the Christian Bible.  Paper detail page >>

MIN102 - Communicating the Gospel

Curriculum objective: This paper is a practical examination of the history, theology and practice of evangelism. It stresses the empowering role of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. Paper detail page >>