Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

Research and Innovation

About Us

At Alphacrucis we believe that our limits are set by our imagination not our existing knowledge. Research involves disciplining our imagination: asking questions that move us beyond the conventional to uncover answers that move us beyond the problematic. At present, we undertake research across a range of disciplines, from biblical and theological studies to education and leadership studies. We also share a commitment to add faith to learning so that our research outcomes are truly inspirational. So consider what research at Alphacrucis could mean for you and how our skills could enhance asking and answering the questions that really matter to you.

The Research Office exists to facilitate, coordinate and promote a culture of research and innovation at Alphacrucis. As such it works with research staff to produce research outputs and outcomes that are beneficial to the church and society at large. This includes the hosting of the Pentecostal Heritage Centre and the publication of the Australian Pentecostal Studies journal. Further, it aims to foster the values of research and inquiry among students and early career researchers by providing them with relevant services and events, such as the Alphacrucis Research Colloquia and Research Skills courses.

The Research Office is currently located at our Sydney campus so for more information, contact

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