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Diploma in Chaplaincy (New Course)

Have you considered becoming a Chaplain?

The Diploma in Chaplaincy - (Level 5), is a specialised qualification aimed at training students to be chaplains who can provide a high standard of care to the community in their chosen chaplaincy field.

Alphacrucis offers a Diploma in Chaplaincy.
The facts:
· This diploma has eight papers (four chaplaincy papers and four core Christian Studies papers). 
· The chaplaincy papers are taught by three, three day and one four day intensives over a period of about a year along with online learning and chaplaincy placements.
· The ministry papers can be taken either by distance study (online) or at our Auckland campus.
· You can spread your study choose by choosing to do the chaplaincy papers in the first year.
· The chaplaincy programme involves 150 hours of voluntary chaplaincy over the year.
· Our chaplains are working in prisons, hospitals, schools, industry, tourism, with the police, the military …
  wherever there are people who need to know the love of God.
The next series of Chaplaincy intensives start in Semester Two.
Jacqui Fuller
Chaplaincy Programme Director