Alphacrucis offers internationally recognised courses at undergraduate level.

Courses available are:


Certificate in English – Elementary Level 1, 60 credits

Certificate in Extended - Intermediate English Level 3, 134 credits

Certificate in Intermediate English Level 3, 66 credits

Certificate in Upper-Intermediate English Level 3, 66 credits

Certificate in English – Advanced Level 5, 63 credits

Certificate in Spoken English Level 3, 40 credits

Business English Level 4, 80 credits

Business and Management

NZIM Certificate in Management Level 4, 80 credits

NZIM Diploma in Management Level 5, 120 credits

Certificate in Business Level 5, 120 credits

Joint NZIM Dip Mgt + Cert Bus Level 5, 160 credits

New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6, 240 credits

More information on each of these courses is available through “Schools of Study”.

Business and Management courses

Our Business and Management certificates and diplomas provide students with a ‘hands-on’ learning experience, equipping them with skills and resources for a wide range of career options. Combining practical skills training with a Christian ethos, these courses help students to succeed in all they do. Certificate programs can be completed in a semester or one year (full-time equivalent) and can lead into a diploma or a bachelor degree. Diplomas can be completed in two years (full-time equivalent) and can lead into a bachelor degree. Practical experience form part of most of our vocational programs.

ESOL programmes

Our General and Academic ESOL programmes are particularly flexible. You can study for as long as you like and you can choose how fast you want to learn with up to 30 hours a week of class-time. You can even include one-to-one tutoring in your programme.

However, government-subsidised fees and student allowances for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are only available for complete programmes leading to NZQA approved qualifications.

Study Hours

Study hours are made up of class-time and self-study including homework.

Standard programmes:

20 hr/wk covering the essential material plus extra skill practice..

International programmes:

30 hr/wk covering the essential material plus extra skills practice and other practical activities..

English + Business

You can combine English study (at Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level) with Business Studies. .

English for Teachers

This is a specialised study programme combining English study (at Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level) with study of education in New Zealand..

New Zealand Experience Programmes

Short-term programmes are designed to provide a New Zealand experience to international students. They are not intended to lead to a qualification or to employment. They do include teaching to help you make the most of your time in New Zealand and you will improve your English language skills. Such programmes are a great opportunity to find out what New Zealand has to offer.

English Language Requirements (IELTS)

If you need to take an IELTS (or equivalent) test to obtain a Study Visa, please contact a test centre in your country and schedule an IELTS as soon as possible in your country, as it can take three or four months to sit the test, depending upon availability. If you are from a country with an assessment level 3 or 4 you will needs an IELTS test result for your Student Visa Application. When sitting the test you can ask the testing centre to mail your results directly to Alphacrucis.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, contact our Student Recruitment Assistants for further guidance. You can either call them on +64 9 580 1500 or email

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