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Choosing where to study is an important decision. You will be committing time, finances and a great deal of mental and physical effort as you prepare yourself to make your unique contribution to this world. Alphacrucis seeks to be a place where education and exploring faith go hand-in-hand; a place where the Christian faith is translated into a broader concern for the community, social justice and the environment. We invite you to join our community.

AC offers a range of study options for international and local students including:

Application Information

For all of our application and enrolment forms, as well as fee schedules and other related documents check out http://acnz.ac.nz/documents/application-forms/ . You can also contact AC through email info@acnz.ac.nz or call us on +64 9 580 1500!

Christian Studies Courses

AC is committed to offering high quality, transformative and engaging Christian Studies programmes for students at all levels with a Pentecostal and Charismatic ethos. We believe our Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes provide you with great choices which enable you to choose the programme that is right for you!

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Business Courses

Certificates and Diplomas provide students with a 'hands-on' learning experience, equipping them with skills and resources for a wide range of career options. Combining practical skills training with a Christian ethos, these courses help students to succeed in all they do.

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English Courses

Alphacrucis run a number of English courses for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). These include:

Free Course for Migrants

Certfificate in Extented in Intermediate

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Other Options

Professional Development

Professional Development subjects and programmes are specifically developed for working professionals. You can choose to study individual subjects without the need to enrol in a whole certificate or degree, or simply attend classes without the extra pressure of assignments or exams (not-for-credit or Audit).

Individual Subject

Students can enrol in a particular paper without the commitment of a whole programme (provided they meet the pre-requisites). These papers may be credited towards an award at a later date

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Alphacrucis (NZ) is registered and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 to provide education and training based on the National Qualifications Framework. All NZQA accredited courses are NZQA approved or pending approval. ALPHACRUCIS (NZ) is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral care of International Students.

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Alphacrucis is located within 10 minutes of the Ellerslie Train Station and 5 minutes away from the main bus route of Great South Road.

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Reasons to study at Alphacrucis:

A Unique Approach to Education

At Alphacrucis we believe in Transformative Learning: Education that inspires and transforms. We seek to provide our students with an educational experience that integrates faith, learning, and living. In our classrooms we create an environment that combines specialist knowledge with practical insight and open conversation. This produces an innovative classroom experience with solid content. This inspiring learning environment is also available in flexible delivery options – where the classroom comes to you!

Inspiring Faculty

Inspiring teachers are at the heart of quality education and training. We employ faculty who are not only specialists in the areas they teach, combining academic excellence with substantial practical experience, they also love to teach. They strive to be mentors and inspirational role models for their students as they prepare and challenge them to take an active role in shaping their culture and their world.

Flexible Delivery

At Alphacrucis you can choose a study programme to suit your lifestyle. Study for fun at audit level, enrol in individual subjects, or enrol in a course at vocational, undergraduate or postgraduate level. Students have a choice of flexible delivery that includes face-to-face, intensives and distance studies. All students have access to our e-Learning platform which provides resources, podcasts, on-line forums and tutor assistance.


Due to Alphacrucis programmes being NZQA approved and accredited, fulltime domestic students may be eligible for student loans and allowances. Student loans and student allowances are administered through StudyLink, a division of the Ministry of Social Development.

More Information

You can find out about all the courses we offer on our courses page

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