From the Principal

Covid-19 Update


Due to the government’s decision to enforce self-isolation all face to face activities of the College have ceased from 25 March. This will continue for at least four weeks or whenever the government announces the closure is over. We fully support this action as a means of controlling the spread of the virus and putting the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff as the highest priority.


Alphacrucis has made provision for all study to continue during the closures. This is being achieved through live classes using Zoom, normal online teaching on our Moodle platform and a number of other resources. All student will receive notifications from subject lecturers as to how their particular subjects will proceed. In most cases students will be able to meet the study and assessment requirements and achieve credits for the subjects they are enrolled in. 


All support services will continue with staff working from home. You can use normal contact numbers to make contact as required. We will also keep regular updates posted on the website and the Moodle platform.


We realise that it may take some time to prepare for a totally different way of living and there will be plenty of flexibility allowed for everyone to make adjustments. The various government departments have been very helpful and we are assured that loans, allowances and other forms of funding will continue. 


Please know that we care about you and we will make any provision we can to help you in your situation. This includes academic support, provision of resources and pastoral support if you just want to talk to someone. We are a Christian community and we will be in prayer for people and for our nation during this time.

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