AC in New Zealand is also connected with AC in Sydney and Brisbane. Our trans-Tasman partnership ensures a high quality of common faculty, and the possibility of transferring easily between institutions (subject to qualification criteria). Many students in New Zealand have also engaged in postgraduate study with AC Sydney to further their education pathway.

Assemblies of God in New Zealand

AC is the national ministry training college of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand Inc.

Other Christian Affiliations

AC participates on a regular basis in meetings of the Christian Theological and Ministry Education Sector (CTMES), and the Association of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Bible Colleges of Australasia (APCBC).

AC has links with the Asia Pacific Education Office of the Assemblies of God (APEO).

Links have been developed with many Bible colleges and schools in New Zealand and overseas, including the Asia Pacific Theological Association of the Assemblies of God (APTA), of which the College is a charter member.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

Alphacrucis College is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 to provide education and training.

 Under section 233B(3) of the Act it is a condition of ongoing PTE registration that:

  • any new governing member submits a Conflict of Interest Statutory Declaration before commencing as a governing member of the establishment
  • existing governing members keep their Conflict of Interest Statutory Declaration up to date.

The conflicts of interest statutory declaration must:

  • disclose any material conflicts of interest arising from the person’s role as a governing member of the establishment
  • disclose any interests in organisations in the education or immigration sector that provide goods or services to tertiary students
  • include any arrangements to manage or mitigate the potential conflicts identified
  • be updated if circumstances change.

The following members have made declarations:

Stephen Fogarty

Director and Chair of the Council

No conflict

Jack Zoutenbier

Director and Principal

No conflict

Greg Cortése


No conflict

Stephen Allen

College Dean

No conflict

Kerry Gordon

Dean of Christian Studies

No conflict

Michael Frost

Academic Director

No conflict

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